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Salux Japanese Wash Cloths from €13.99

Salux Japanese Wash Cloths from €13.99

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Beauty Skin Cloth for perfect Skin Care. Original Salux Wash cloth from Japan, less soap... lots more lather! Stimulating! Invigorating!

Excellent for skin exfoliation and preparing skin for tanning or other beauty treatments!

Now available from and, a BGSL entity. Fast, direct shipping, no duty or taxes.

Product Spec:

Fabric: 13% nylon, 87% polyester.

Size: 28cm x 100cm (11 inches x 39 inches).

Colours: Blue, Pink and Yellow. (More colurs coming shortly)

Contents: 1 Nylon Wash Cloths per Pack, multple packs available.

See below for detailed product background and information.

Salux Japanese Wash Cloths from €13.99Salux Japanese Wash Cloths from €13.99
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  • Salux Japanese Wash Cloths from €13.99
  • Salux Japanese Wash Cloths from €13.99
  • Salux Japanese Wash Cloths from €13.99
  • Salux Japanese Wash Cloths from €13.99
  • Salux Japanese Wash Cloths from €13.99
  • Salux Japanese Wash Cloths from €13.99

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Salux - The Original Japanese Wash Cloth

Introducing the original Salux Japanese beauty skin wash cloth.

What is the Salux cloth and its origin all about?

  • - It comes from Japan where bathing is an art, a science and a daily part of the lifestyle culture.
  • - 11*35 inch cloth allows you to drape it down your back or around your waist so you can easily wash your neck and back. This feels great!
  • - Creates a rich invigorating lather that exfoliates your entire body as it polishes your skin.
  • Salux Directions- Perfect to exfoliate and cleanse the skin if you are self-tanning or preparing for a beauty treatment.
  • - It has a specially patented texture that stimulates your skin and promotes blood circulation. Beware imitations and cheap copies, this is the original Salux cloth sourced from Japan.
  • - Excellent for the gym, massage and travelling
  • - Longer lasting and more sanitary than a washcloth or loofah product. No mildew odours.
  • - This Japanese National Invention Award winner was created in 1966 and now holds patents worldwide.
  • - Currently available in Pink, Blue and Yellow with other colours coming soon!
  • - Soap the wet Salux Cloth and watch the lather grow.
  • - After use rinse the Salux cloth thoroughly and you are done!



Salux Wash Cloths - Available in Blue, Pink and Yellow

“These are AH-MAZING. Exfoliates until your skin is baby soft, lathers, soaps and body wash like crazy. Perfect for reaching every nook and cranny. Great for regular exfoliation and a MUST before self-tanning.”
Sarah Coop, age 25-29,

“This has completely changed the way I shower for the better. My skin is smoother and I can't shower without it. I bring it on vacation and trips home to see my family. It is really great for buffing out dry spots. I use a mild cleanser with it and it works great.”
Anne184, age 30-35

“Love this! The first time I used it, I thought it was a little rough compared to using a loofah, but after the first time, I definitely preferred this. You can easily exfoliate your whole body; it was always so hard to clean my back with anything else I tried. Also, it lasts for a long time before fraying. Actually, I don't think the one I had frayed, I just decided to go ahead and buy a new one.”
Kate, London, UK, June 2012


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